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Left to right: Tim Doolittle, Aiden mapel, Sara Melikian, Jake Leblanc, Nick lando, Sam Noel, Finn O'connor, Tommy Servetas, Tyler Samson

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Schedule and Results:

Blunt Park CX August 25

1st – Finn O’Connor

3rd – Tommy Servetas

7th – Sara Melikian

9th – Aiden Mapel (Cat 3)


Rochester Cyclocross Day 1 UCI C1

36th – Finn O’Connor

39th – Jake Leblanc

3rd – Tommy Servetas (UCI Jr)

21st – Aiden Mapel (UCI Jr)

20th – Tyler Samson (Cat 3)


Rochester Cyclocross Day 2 UCI C2

31st – Finn O’Connor

35th – Jake Leblanc

3rd – Tommy Servetas (UCI Jr)

18st – Aiden Mapel (UCI Jr)

19th – Tyler Samson (Cat 3)

Jingle Cross Day 1 UCI C2

10th – Nick Lando

18th – Jake Leblanc

20th – Finn O’Connor

41st – Sara Melikian

11th – Tommy Servetas (UCI Jr)

38th – Aiden Mapel (UCI Jr)


Jingle Cross Day 2 World Cup

39th – Sam Noel


Jingle Cross Day 3 UCI C1

27th – Sam Noel

35th – Nick Lando

40th – Jake Leblanc

43rd – Finn O’Connor

57th – Sara Melikian

5th – Tommy Servetas (UCI Jr)

34th – Aiden Mapel (UCI Jr)


Trek CX Cup Day 1 UCI C2

20th – Nick Lando

20th – Tommy Servetas (UCI Jr)


Trek CX Cup Day 3 UCI World Cup

41st – Nick Lando


Uncle Sam Grand Prix

2nd – Sam Noel

4th – Tommy Servetas

Upcoming Races and Events:

  • Charm City UCI C2 October 12-13

  • Cincinnati Cyclocross UCI C1 October 26

  • Cincinnati Cyclocross UCI C2 October 27

  • HPCX UCI C2 October 27

  • Really Rad Festival of Cyclocross UCI C2 November 2-3

  • The Verge Northampton International UCI C2 November 9-10

  • Pan-American UCI Cyclocross Championships November 10

  • Supercross Cup UCI C2 November 16-17

  • NBX GP of Cross UCI C2 December 7-8

  • USA Cycling Nationals December 10-15

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